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Campaign Diary

11 July 1813 – End of Campaign

Russian army take up position to hold Leipzig and road to Dresden

French army too weak to resume advance, Napoleon orders halt on line of river Saale.

11 July 1813 - End of Campaign

10 July 1813

Russians continue to withdraw towards Leipzig

French consolidate their hold on the river Saale

9 July 1813

Russians withdraw towards Leipzig

French cross the river Saale at Bernburg and Naumburg

8 July 1813

Russians race for the Saale bridges in panic, covered by 1 and 2 corps who hold bridge at Halle.

French enter Halle and move north and south to find unguarded bridges over the Saale.

7 July 1813 – Battle of Halle

Both sides had concentrated their entire army for this the largest battle of the camapign. The Russians put up a fierce fight for Halle, but the could not stop the French from achieving a notable victory.

7 July 1813 - Battle of Halle

6 July 1813

Russians concentrate at Halle

French march to Halle

5 July 1813 – Russians occupy Halle

Kutuzov orders all corps to concentrate at Halle

Napoleon orders all corps to move on Halle

4 July 1813 – Russians cross river Saale

Russians now control east of river Saale

French move north along western bank of Saale towards Halle

3 July 1813

Kutuzov orders his army to move north to open Leipzig road

French break contact and transfers his army west of river Saale

2 July 1813

Napoleon’s attack across the Saale is in tatters, and he orders a withdrawal back to the west bank.

Kutuzov allows his weary corps to rest at Rohenburg and calls a his corps commanders to a conference to decide on their next move.

1 July 1813 – Battle of Rohenberg

Napoleon must strike before the Russians can concentrate, he orders two of his corps to take Rohenberg and drive the Russians away from the Dresden road.

Kutuzov orders 2nd corps to abandon Gera and move to support Rohenberg.

1 July 1813 - Battle of Rohenburg

31 June 1813

Outflanked in the south, Kutuzov orders his four corps to concentrate on the Dresden road and abandon Leipzig.

All four French corps have now crossed the river Saale, but are widely separated, whereas the Russians hold the central position.

30 June 1813 – French cross river Saale

3rd Russian corps at Neustadt forced to retreat to Greiz as 2nd and 3rd French corps march on Neustadt.

Kutuzov arrives at Gera and orders his four corps to abandon the Leipzig road and concentrate on the Dresden road.

29 June 1813

Napoleon shifts his army south to outflank the Russian line along the east bank of the river Saale.

28 June 1813 – Battle of Lutzen

Westphalians cross river Saale and attack Lutzen, but are unable to defeat Russians. After a fierce battle the Westphalians retire to Halle.

28 June 1813 - Battle of Lutzen

27 June 1813

Napoleon allows the garde to rest in Weimar while he ponders his next move.

Despite his defeat at Weimar, Kutuzov occupies a strong position along the east bank of the river Saale.

26 June 1813 – Battle of Weimar

Napoleon commits the Imperial Garde to retake Weimar and force the Russians back across the river Saale. In a close fought battle the 4th Russian corps held Weimar right to the end. The garde cavalry were beaten by the Russian cuirassiers, and three of the four garde infantry brigades were shaken. As night fell the sole garde infantry brigade finally pushed the Russians out of Weimar. A relieved Napoleon had halted the Russian advance and regained control of the west bank of the river Saale.

26 June 1813 - Battle of Weimar

25 June 1813 – Russians cross river Saale

French withdraw to Jena and Russians occupy Gera.

Napoleon is one days march from Weimar

Further north the Russians cross the river Saale at Naumburg and occupy Weimar

24 June 1813 - Battle of Gera

Filled with confidence after their victory at Neustadt, Kutuzov orders an attack on Gera, to deny the French their only bridgehead on west bank of the river Saale

24 June 1813 - Battle of Gera

23 June 1813 – Battle of Neustadt

French and Russians both race to take Neustadt. Russians reach it first, but are attacked before they can take possession. In a lengthy fight for the town the French fail to evict the Russians and have to retreat during the night

23 June 1813 - Battle of Neustadt

22 June 1813 – Russians enter Leipzig

The Russian Army arrives at the river Saale and Kutuzov occupies Leipzig

French are heavily outnumbered and particularly vulnerable at Gera.

3 corps is ordered south to Saalfeld to hold the right of the French line.

21 June 1813

Kutuzov is alarmed to receive first reports that Napoleon is approaching the river Saale. Orders his four corps to push ahead to reach the river Saale and take up defensive positions between Leipzig and Zwichau

Napoleon and the Imperial Guard is still four days from the river Saale.

He only has one corps on the west bank at Halle and a second on the east bank at Gera.

A third has been ordered to move to Jena to support the bridgehead at Gera.

He has issued orders that the river must be held at all costs.

20 June 1813

Kutuzov arrives in Leipzig, where he plans to stop for a couple of days to allow his corps to reach their concentration areas.

Napoleon arrives at Fulda and orders Imperial Guard to Erfurt and 3rd corps to Neustadt on the river Saale.

19 June 1813

Russian cavalry patrols confirm French holding their position at Halle and Gera.

French reinforcements continue to arrive at Fulda.

18 June 1813

The Russians continue their leisurely march towards the river Saale, unaware of any French movement


Napoleon receives reports from Gera of Russian movements on the Dresden to Leipzig road.

Sends orders to his forward corps to hold their positions but not to react to enemy movements.

17 June 1813 – Start of Campaign

The Russian Army departs from Dresden on the Leipzig road.

Napoleon anticipates the Russian movements, and departs from Paris to join the Imperial Guard at Fulda..

17 June 1813 – Start of Campaign

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