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The Battle of Neustadt


Tactical Map 23 June 1813

Neustadt is a village just east of the river Saale south of Gera.

Neither side has garrisoned the village and both are determined to prevent the other from taking possession of it.

3rd corps from each army have orders to take and hold the village.


Photo 1 – French left and Russian right

Top of the table is north to Gera.

Left road to Saalfeld

Right road to Greiz

Bottom road to Gefeld

Map squares

D10, E10, F10

D11, E11, F11

D12, E12, F12

Game objective is to capture village of Neustadt

French corps (Paul) enters on Saafeld (left) road

Russian corps (Jan) enters on Greiz (right) road


Photo 2 – skirmish fight for Neustadt

Both sides have sent their best brigade to take the village. Both have suffered casualties, but both are fighting on. Cavalry and artillery are facing each other. It will be down to the luck of the dice which sides wins this part of the game.

Photo 3 – cavalry melee

With both sides on Engage orders, the cavalry had to enter into melee. The cuirassiers have routed the Guard Cossacks, but an infantry brigade in square prevents any French advance.

In Neustadt both sides have replaced the original infantry brigades, and the fight for the town continues.

Casualties on both sides are mounting.

Photo 4 – French attack

The French follow up their cavalry success by advancing their infantry on the right. A second infantry brigade moves towards the town and skirmishes with the garrison, who are now outnumbered two to one. All of the French brigades have received casualties.

The Russians replace the brigade in Neustadt and continue to keep their hold on the town.

Photo 5 – Nightfall

Despite casualties the Russians hold Neustadt until nightfall. They manage to keep the enemy cavalry at bay by forming square. On the opposite flank their 12 pound artillery outgun the French 9 pounder.

With nightfall the French withdraw behind the river Saale.


This was a pretty ineffective battle.

Both sides received heavy casualties and neither side could gain a distinct advantage.

The French withdrew back over the river, leaving the Russians in control of Neustadt.


Game played August 2009.
Paul commanded the French.
Jan commanded the Russian

The house fighting rules were used a lot, and proved up to the job.
In future both brigades will be Disordered when they interpenetrate

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