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The Battle of Gera


Tactical Map 25 May 1813

Gera is a large town on the east side of the river Saale on the Erfurt to Dresden road

It is the only town occupied by the French on the east bank

2nd Russian corps has been ordered to attack and take the town.


Photo 1 – French in Gera, Russians approach from right

Top road to Naumberg

Left road to Jena

Right road to Rohenburg

Bottom road to Neustadt

Map squares

D7, E7, F7

D8, E8, F8

D9, E9, F9

Game objective is to hold village of Gera

2nd French corps (Jan) already in Gera

2nd Russian corps (Paul) enters on Rohenburg (right) road


Photo 2 – Russian attack

The Russians have launched their attack from south of Gera, and the French are redeploying to meet it.

The leading Russian brigades are skirmishing with the garrison of Gera, whilst the supports and artillery move up in support

Photo 3 – Russians win fire fight on right of Gera

On the right of the town both sides have been engaged in a fire fight which the Russians have won and the French are in rout.

The garrison continues to hold and the Pavlov grenadier brigade is moving up to join the fight.

Photo 4 – Russians prepare to storm Gera

On the right two Russian brigades are moving past the town

In the centre the remaining two brigades are now in position and await orders to storm the town.

On the left the artillery and cavalry are engaged in a stand off

Photo 5 – Russian and French cavalry stand off

The cavalry are well matched and neither side is prepared to take the risk of a melee.

The artillery is also facing each other, the French square has withdrawn and the guns fire ineffectively at each other.

Photo 6 - French rout from Gera

The Russians have routed the garrison, but at the loss of one brigade, and have captured one section of the town. The remainder is still held by the French, but two of their brigades are in rout.


The French withdrew to the west bank under cover of darkness.

This is the second defeat for the French, and they have lost their only hold on the east bank of the river Saale.

The Russians are now deployed along the east bank from Lutzen to Neustadt and well placed to push across to the west bank.


Again the house fighting rules were well play tested.

We used the new rule where both are Disorganised following hand to hand or skirmish fighting in a town, and it worked well.

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