Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Battle of Rohenburg - First Game


Tactical Map 1 July 1813

Rohenburg is a small village on the Dresden road east of the river Saale.

3 Russian corps hold the village, and Kutuzov is leading 2 corps to support them.

Napoleon is leading 2 and 3 French corps to take the village.


Start of game - Russians top and French bottom

Top road to Zeitz.

Left road to Gera

Right road to Dresden

Bottom road to Greiz

Map squares

F7, G7, H7

F8, G8, H8

F9, G9, H9

Game objective is to capture village of Neustadt

French (Paul) - 2 and 3 corps enter bottom

Russian (Jan) - 3 corps in Rohenburg, 2 corps enter top right


French Deployment

3 French corps (right) have abandoned the Greitz road and moved to their left to avoid the Russian artillery covering the road. They have swung around the farm and are now approaching Rohenburg from the west.

2 corps (left) have advanced north towards the Dresden road. The French now occupy a strong position between the two Russian corps.

Russian Deployment

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