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The Battle of Weimar


Tactical Map 26 June 1813

Weimar is a small town to the west of the river Saale

The Russians have crossed the river and occupied the empty town.

The French Army are is some disorder following their defeat at Gera and Neustadt, and it is down to the Imperial Garde to stop the Russian advance.


Photo 1 – Table at Start of Game

Top of the table road to Allstedt

Left road to Gebsee

Right road to Naumburg

Bottom road to Jena

Map squares

A4, B4, C4

A5. B5, C5

A6, B6, C6

Game objective is to capture town of Weimar

1st French corps (Jan) enters on Gebsee road (left)

4th Russian corps (Paul) is in position at Weimar

French garde approach Weimar

The 4th Russian corps is deployed in and around Weimar. The infantry are in line behind the town, with the cavalry on the left and the artillery on the right.

The Imperial Garde approach on either side of the Gebsee road. Their artillery are engaging the Russian guns and the cavalry (out of photo on left) pinning the Russian cuirassiers.

Russian gunners abandon guns and run away

The Garde artillery (left) have won the artillery duel and the Russian gunners rout.

In Weimar the Russian jager brigade has been replaced by the Pavlov brigade. The French grenadiers have take casualties but are still skirmishing for the town.

Russians hold Weimar and repulse Garde infantry

The Russians are proving no push over for the Imperial Garde.

In Weimar the Pavlov brigade have routed the Garde Grenadiers and shaken their supports. The Russian cuirassiers have charged the Garde Chasseurs and won the melee. Both are hurt, but the Chasseurs have 2 casualties and are Shaken, the Russian cuirassiers only 1 casualty and Disordered.

But it is still anyone’s battle. Two Russian brigades are in rout. The jager brigade has routed back through the rear section of the town, and the line brigade previously in support of the Russian artillery have also been routed by the Garde artillery.

Russian cuirassiers win cavalry melee

The battle for Weimar continues. Three French infantry brigades are Shaken and only one remains to take the town. They have broken the Pavlov grenadiers, who are routing into the town.

In the near ground the Russian cuirassiers have charged the Guard Chasseurs and broken them.

Start of the Russian rout

The Russian infantry and artillery are in rout. In the left hand village section the Pavlov grenadiers are also in rout and are about to take the one remaining Russian brigade with them. Fortunately the cuirassiers have won the cavalry melee and can cover the Russian retreat.

Only one French brigade is formed and, supported by the garde artillery, have taken the town.


Napoleon had to win this battle, and did – just. The garde have taken a battering, but they have halted the Russian advance and driven them back across the river Saale.

Kutuzov is unlikely to repeat an attack over the river, but will hold the east bank.


Game played August 2009.

Paul commanded the Russians.

Jan commanded the French.

This was the closest fought wargame we have had for a very long time. It went the full 12 turns and could have been won by either side right to the last round. Whoever went first would stand a big advantage, and it was Jan.

Her Army was on Attack orders and with only one brigade not Shaken or in Rout she had to continue to attack on the town. Both sides were equal and it was down to the dice throw. Jan threw 10 with two D6 and the Pavlov grenadiers routed, taking two Shaken brigades with them.

Russians casualties - 7 infantry, 2 cavalry, 2 gunners

French casualties - 8 infantry, 4 cavalry, 0 gunner

In our rules even one casualty results in a morale test, so these were heavy casualties.

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